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About Peaceful Minds - Sharon Connell

Being employed in the commercial world for many years thinking about where I was heading next, I knew a change of career was in order. I have managed teams of all sizes in many countries and assisted them to grow and expand both their core skills and wellbeing. Both have been important to me. I recognised that mental health in the workplace was lacking, so I decided to investigate how I could help people live better lives whilst developing their skills, managing and increasing their confidence and being more secure in themselves. I offer coaching sessions to help you achieve both your career and life goals, not to mention how to deal with presentation anxiety, or preparing for your next goal. So when a friend told me of his experiences after receiving some hypnotherapy and coaching, I decided to investigate if there was anything in the hype, after all, could well meaning and positive suggestions really work on my subconscious mind or show me anything new about coaching.

Consequently after extensive investigation I found a reputable training company and attended one of their  training days. In the past I had had a fear of snakes and during the training day hypnotherapy was practiced and luckily I had the opportunity of exploring the possibilities of being hypnotised, after the session I no longer had any fear of snakes and quite easily looked at pictures of them and was able to speak about them, I was able to watch a YouTube clip of snakes freely moving about without it ending in me jumping up screaming and running from the room in panic.

Much to the disappointment of the other trainees that day! At the end of the day, I signed up for their next available course and subsequently gained my qualifications.

By utilising all the excellent tools which are incorporated in both Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming I can help you to plan your future development to help you achieve both your personal and career goals, as I tailor individual programs to suit your needs.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance, all recordings or documents are kept securely stored. Once your treatment is completed, I will only retain your details for the minimum requirements under General Data Protection Act.